I received a damaged or broken component, what should I do?

We strive to provide our customers with high-quality products that they can enjoy for years to come. However, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong during the manufacturing or shipping process, and you may receive a game component that is broken or damaged. If this happens, we want you to know that we’ve got you covered.

We will replace it for you as soon as possible so that you can enjoy our games in perfect condition. To initiate the exchange process, simply inform us by email (support@redzengames.com) or by filling out the contact form below. Please provide us with your order number, the name of the game, and a description of the damaged component.

Once we receive your request, our customer support team will be in touch with you to provide further instructions. We will first try to provide the replacement component from our existing stock, but if there isn’t enough available, we will have to manufacture it. This may take some time depending on the specific component and our production schedule, but we will keep you updated throughout the process.

If this answer has not solved your doubt, please contact us, try a new search or submit a request below:

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