Scarface 1920

Put yourself in the shoes of a mob boss in this competitive and highly immersive board game with asymmetric sides. Hold sway over Chicago with a mix of worker placement, deck building and area control mechanics.


Game overview

Become the king of Chichago during the roaring 20s

Prohibition has begun! In Scarface 1920 you will be leading one out of four criminal gangs claiming the throne of Chicago. Build the most powerful gang in the city, expand your criminal empire, crush your enemies, and keep your eyes peeled on the Feds.

14 +


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Chicago in the Roaring 20s. Prohibition has made liquor business illegal and now criminal gangs operate in the underworld to try and take control of the city. Blood, influence, power, and money add up to a dangerous mix on the streets.

In Scarface 1920 you will lead a gang of mobsters aiming to rule Chicago during the Dry Era (1920-33). To succeed you will have to rule every inch in gangland, expand your racketeering, run bootlegging operations, bribe the city officials, and make sure the coppers are on your side.

Scarface 1920 blends worker placement with deck-building mechanics in a game where you will have to recruit new associates, break new deals, fill the streets of Chicago with your thugs, enhance your headquarters —and do some dirty jobs along the way.

Every gang has a distinct set of abilities embodied in their boss, and in every game you will be able to choose a different path to victory. However, in this turf war you will have to confront other rival gangs that share an identical goal: growing their criminal empire. But they are not the only challenge you will face – Eliot Ness and his Feds are out to get you too!


  • 1 Main board
  • 4 Gang boards
  • 4 Gang screens
  • 4 Thug boards
  • 4 Player aids
  • 31 Dealer cards
  • 60 Associate cards
  • 40 Gang Member cards
  • 28 Raid cards
  • 39 Job cards
  • 16 News cards
  • 40 Business markers
  • 120 Money tokens
  • 1 Time marker
  • 4 Crime rate markers
  • 48 Gang upgrade cubes
  • 18 Neighborhood tiles
  • 50 Alcohol tokens
  • 35 Gun tokens
  • 3 Police cars figures
  • 4 Boss figures
  • 48 Thug figures
  • 1 Eliot Ness figure
  • 28 Control markers figures
  • 12 Cars figures
  • 8 Truck figures
  • 1 Family Ring token
  • 8 Solo mode tokens
  • 36 Solo mode cards
  • 2 Rule books (Multi & Solo)

How to play

Scarface 1920

by Meeple University (ENG)

Learn to play Scarface 1920, the multiplayer version. Our friends Stella and Tarrant from Mepple University teach us the rules in the clearest and most concise way, so hopefully you can skip most of the rulebook and just play! If you still have any questions or doubts, you can always download the rules and consult the FAQs.


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