Scarface 1920 - Multiplayer

Meeple University (ENG)

Learn to play Scarface 1920, the competitive multiplayer version. Our friends Stella and Tarrant from Mepple University teach us the rules in the clearest and most concise way, so hopefully you can skip most of the rulebook and just play! If you still have any questions or doubts, you can always download the rules and consult the FAQs


Mepple University (ENG)
Scarface 1920 - How To Play Solo Mode
Off The Self Review (ENG)
Scarface 1920 - How To Play!
Off The Self Review (ENG)
Scarface 1920 - Solo Teach and Playthrough
Scarface 1920 - Learn to Play
Con4Hijos (SPA)
Scarface 1920 - Opinión y ¿Cómo se juega?
Légion Distribution (FRA)
Scarface 1920 - Présentation des règles du jeu


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