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Scarface 1920

Put yourself in the shoes of a mob boss in this competitive and highly immersive board game with asymmetric sides. Hold sway over Chicago with a mix of worker placement, deck building and area control mechanics.


Scarface 1920: Bloody Business

Chicago, 1923. With Prohibition in full swing, the battle for the city intensifies in an increasingly lucrative but unstable scenario for the gangs. The city has become too small, and big shots like Al Capone and his rivals won’t settle for just a piece of the pie. They want it all.

Scarface 1920: The Enforcers

The Enforcers expansion adds three fearsome new characters to your games of Scarface 1920. Alina Ivankova, Raven Kwiatkowski and Tom Lee have arrived to Chicago. Hire them to make your gang more powerful or play against them in solo games.

Scarface 1920: The Golden Oaks

New gang in Town! The Goldean Oaks, led by Rocco & Bessie, have crossed the border from Canada to bring their own whisky to the streets of Chicago. Don’t be fooled by their appearance: they won’t hesitate to stain their elegant suits with blood to control the city.

Scarface 1920: Red Dragons Tong

Red Dragons Tong adds a new gang to the fight for the throne of Chicago. Led by Charlie Gong, the opium kings will use their strong distribution networks to take control of businesses. If you lose sight of them for even a second, it will already be too late.


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