Scarface 1920: Awards, nominations, and other recognitions

Without falling into clichés, Scarface 1920 received its greatest recognition when it reached funded in 55 minutes and surpassed 7500 backers by the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Dreamlike figures for the first game in Redzen Games’ history. However, in recent months, all the effort from the Scarface 1920 team has also gained physical recognition… in the form of awards and nominations. Shall we go over them?

  • Best Game Production 2023 by The Dice Tower: Tom Vasel, a reference at The Dice Tower, chose Scarface 1920 as the Best Game Production of 2023 ahead of other gems like Thunder Road: Vendetta, Distilled, or Robot Quest Arena. You can see the video here.
  • Nominees at the Analysis-Paralysis Awards: Spain’s most prestigious industry awards nominated Scarface 1920 in four categories: Best Illustration, Best Components, Best Thematic Game, and Best Spanish Game.
  • Tabula Award for Best Production and Components: Also in Spain, the Tabula Awards recently chose Scarface 1920 as the best game of the year in production and components. It was also nominated in the Best Thematic Game category.

  • An 8.0 on BGG: Of all the “accolades” Scarface 1920 may have, our favorite is… yours! With over 1600 registered votes, the game maintains a rating of 8.0 on BGG and ranks among the top 250 thematic games voted in history.



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