A brief recap of 12 hectic months

In May 2023, we told you that we were about to launch the Bloody Business campaign, the expansion of Scarface 1920. Nearly a year later, we catch our breath to recap what has happened in these hectic last months. Shall we take a look back?

June 21Bloody Business gets funded on Gamefound in 11 minutes: Scarface 1920 reached its goal in 55 minutes, which already seemed like a feat to us, imagine how we felt when its expansion lowered the figure to 11 minutes. 11 minutes! We still can’t believe it…

June 22A stylish campaign: Just one day after launching the campaign, one of its most spectacular addons was presented, The Expansions Box, a premium box to methodically store Bloody Business, the new gangs, and everything that didn’t fit in the Scarface 1920 box. The Expansions Box arrived just 48 hours after unveiling another gem of the campaign: The Night Deck, a reinterpretation of the Associates from Scarface 1920 and Bloody Business, but with a premium style.

June 23A playmat for every table: The triad of outstanding novelties was completed on June 23 with the unveiling of the smaller board playmat, a version of the original board that includes the new Bloody Business board and is 30% smaller. It came along with other options, one for each table.

June 28The indescribable Tequila: The Enforcers are reinforced with the arrival of Tequila, a Mexican guy who some think is half crazy… and for others, completely crazy. Get to know him.

July 12Your Associates: In the final days of the Bloody Business campaign, we met the Community Associates, three Associates born out of popular initiative: the profiles were yours, the skills were yours, and the decision to crown the Cardinal, the Escapist, and the Dry Crusader as new Associates of the Scarface 1920 universe was yours. In reality, the action was intended to incorporate only one, but the proposals were so extensive, so varied, and so interesting, that we were forced to create three new Associates.

July 15More than 6500 Thanks: The Gamefound campaign ended with 6544 backers, a number that has now risen to 7416 backers thanks to the Late Pledge. Yes, July 15 was a great day for Redzen Games.

October 18The Pledge Manager Era Begins: Three months after the Bloody Business campaign ended, we launched the Pledge Manager, in addition to the Late Pledge, which is still open. At that time, we also announced the shipping in two waves, which is more relevant than ever.

December 22Merry Christmas: Because Christmas can be celebrated in many ways, we decided to do it by giving away an exclusive Deal starring, obviously, none other than Santa Claus… sort of.

February 1First Bloody Business Reveals: The production process of Bloody Business continues to progress according to plan, and in February, we were able to exclusively reveal some of the final elements that the game will include.

March 7Shipments Depart! The first of the two waves of shipments set sail in mid-last month, as we informed you in one of the latest updates of the campaign, where we didn’t miss the opportunity to continue showcasing new elements of Bloody Business. That means that before summer arrives, those who chose the “two-wave shipping” will have Al Capone knocking on your door. Strange as it may sound, open it.

April 18The News of a Hectic Year: Today, April 18, we are publishing the news that summarizes the highlights of a year full of joys, races, plot twists, headaches, and a lot, a looooot of satisfaction. This news.


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