Meet Red Dragons Tong: From Opium to Alcohol, for the Throne of Chicago

When the alarm clock rang, Charlie was already wide awake. He claimed it was a habit, that his years in San Francisco had taught him the value of hard work and discipline. Although, his trusted men knew that the leader of Red Dragons Tong didn’t sleep because he had too many enemies. Old enemies, whom he had accumulated during what the press had dubbed the Tong Wars. And new enemies, the ones he had made after disembarking in Chicago to take advantage of the weaknesses of the Americans.

He put on his hat and tightly gripped the dragon that dominated his inseparable cane. It didn’t breathe fire, but the concealed blade could devour enemies with the same voracity. He approached his work table and unfolded a map of Chicago. On it, all his opium dens were marked in red. Soon they would become the tentacles upon which his empire would expand. Soon, he also knew, the streets of the city would be stained red. Nobody travels 3500 kilometers to make friends.

The Bloody Business campaign on Gamefound had two dates marked on the calendar: one on May 24, when we introduced The Golden Oaks, a new band from the Scarface 1920 universe with several peculiarities, including having two bosses; and another date, today May 31, where I invite you to stand up and applaud as we welcome another new band to the dangerous streets of Chicago in Scarface 1920. Are you ready to meet the Red Dragons Tong?

The visible leader -although it would be more appropriate to say invisible- of the Red Dragons Tong is Charlie Gong, a man who honed his skills in a thousand battles on the streets of San Francisco before coming to Chicago, where he will attempt to establish his opium business. Now, he has set out to expand his influence to a slightly more coveted territory, that of alcohol. Of course, Capone, Rothstein, and the other gang leaders won’t be pleased to have a new enemy in the race for the throne of Chicago, especially one who already has their own distribution networks… and even less so, one as silent and well-organized as the Red Dragons Tong.

Among the particularities that the Red Dragons Tong present, the entire “opium universe” stands out. This means they have their own plastic tokens representing bundles of this magical powder, as well as Opium Dens tiles and, be careful here, Opium Dens Cards, exclusive cards with special power-ups that will allow players to maximize the band’s power and influence on the streets of Chicago.

Beyond the mechanics, the Red Dragons Tong band has -in my personal opinion- the most spectacular aesthetics in the entire Scarface 1920 universe. From the miniatures of Charlie Gong and the strongest thug in Chicago to the illustrations of the lieutenants and the Lady Underboss. Keep it in mind for when the campaign starts on Gamefound, next June 21.

In terms of gameplay, similar to The Golden Oaks, Red Dragons Tong offers a completely new gaming experience. It also introduces a new resource, in this case, opium, which allows them to easily establish a presence in different neighborhoods of Chicago. With the power of Charlie Gong and their Opium Dens, they can activate unique abilities that are particularly useful for developing businesses and populating the streets of Chicago with their men.

Six-player games: yes, we can!

The new band works for both the base game and the expanded game with Bloody Business, as well as for The Enforcers. It also allows you to add it to a game with all the original bosses, completing (and debuting) five-player matches. You can even pit Red Dragons Tong against The Golden Oaks, the other new band, in a two-player game. In other words, both Red Dragons Tong and The Golden Oaks can be combined in any game configuration.

Any game configuration. That’s what I said. And yes, that includes another great novelty in the Bloody Business campaign on Gamefound. With the announcement of The Golden Oaks we said that Scarface 1920 accepted five-player games, now with the arrival of Red Dragons Tong we are thrilled to announce that you will be able to play six-player games. Does Chicago become a city full of dangers and surprises? Yes. Is it crazy? Yes. Do we love it? Absolutely. Oh, and for Solo Mode lovers: yes, you will also be able to play with The Golden Oaks or Red Dragons Tong.

Now you know: both bands will be available to you starting from June 21 on Gamefound. Remember that those who follow and then join the campaign will receive Melvin Purvis’ miniature and three exclusive G-Men cards for free. Go get them!


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