Meet The Golden Oaks: Canada’s Capone threatens Chicago

It ran through his veins. Born in the south of the south part of Italy, in the heart of the mafia, Rocco Perri was destined to make history outside the law. There wasn’t a distillery in Canada that operated without his control. Not a barrel of alcohol circulated without his approval. However, The King of Bootleggers, as he was known on the other side of Lake Michigan, had long been looking towards the United States with the same desire with which he looked at Bessie. He knew he couldn’t have made it there without her.

Rocco boarded the ship and nodded approvingly to Bessie. Then, he picked up a bag that was on the table and addressed his men: “Friends, we can be very proud of what we’ve built here, but it’s time to think bigger,” he explained in a tone that was both friendly and defiant. He went silent for a few seconds and pulled out an elegant Colt from the bag. “It’s time to cross the lake and do some bloody business.”

First and foremost, is there anyone who hasn’t followed Bloody Business on Gamefound yet? Remember, if you follow and then support the campaign, you’ll get a free Melvin Purvis miniature, the new ruthless ally of Eliot Ness, along with three exclusive G-Men cards. No? Still not convinced? Well, let me tell you that a new gang is coming to Scarface 1920 from the other side of Lake Michigan, led by a guy known as Canada’s Al Capone. Let’s give a warm and stylish welcome to The Golden Oaks. It works with the original game, Scarface 1920, but also with the Bloody Business expansion and even with the other expansion, The Enforcers.

The first unique aspect of The Golden Oaks is that it features two bosses. They are Rocco Perri and Bessie Starkman, both inspired by historical figures who formed a bootlegging empire in Canada, primarily by importing quality whiskey across the lakes that separate Canada from the United States. Rocco Perri was popularly known as “The King of Bootlegging” and “Canada’s Al Capone“. That’s quite something.

In Scarface 1920, Rocco and Bessie have grown tired of doing business in peaceful Canada and have decided to cross the border in their sophisticated suits to stop just exporting liquor and start selling it directly on the streets of Chicago. However, both Rocco and Bessie are well aware that this decision, besides breaking many alliances and arousing the wrath of rival gangs, will require them to get their hands dirty with blood, something they hadn’t had to do in Canada.

The exclusivity of The Golden Oaks also extends to its miniatures. In this case, our partners at Big Child have done a spectacular job bringing Rocco and Bessie to the streets of Scarface 1920. If you’re a fan of miniatures, make sure to follow Gamefound because, in addition to the bosses, you’re going to love the rest of the Canadian miniatures. Check that badass lady thug below… By the way, have we mentioned that the gaming experience with The Golden Oaks is new, among other things, because it features special cards that will allow you to develop other game strategies? Let me also introduce you to the chauffe… I mean… the captain!

In terms of gameplay, The Golden Oaks brings several exciting innovations to Scarface 1920. The most important one is that it’s a gang with two bosses, which means, among other things, they will have a special gangboard with both Rocco and Bessie. It also means that during the planning phase, both bosses can be played in the same Plan and their respective skills put into action. Chicago better watch out.

Continuing with the asymmetric spirit of the game, The Golden Oaks also introduces new concepts in the mechanics: the gang has its own resource, Liquor, and can take advantage of Chicago gang’s immense alcohol demand to distribute their product and expand their empire throughout the city. If they were Capone in Canada, why not be the same in Capone’s city?

Surprise: Five-player games are here!

The arrival of The Golden Oaks in the Scarface 1920 universe opens the door to one of the community’s requests: five-player games! The game works perfectly fine with a fifth gang, but be prepared for an all-out war to control the Neighborhoods. So, you can start calling that friend who was left out of all the games!

Remember: The Golden Oaks works with the original game, Scarface 1920, but also with the expansion Bloody Business and even with the other expansion, The Enforcers. If you want to enjoy a special gaming experience, The Golden Oaks is a unique gang in Scarface 1920… wait, did I say unique? And what’s that reveal we have planned for May 31st on Gamefound? 


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