The day has come: The Pledge Manager for Scarface 1920 is now open!

Scarface 1920 is about to start a new phase. Although many of you are expert Kickstarter users, there are many backers who have just discovered the platform with our game or who, although they already knew it, had not decided to back any project to date.

The Pledge Manager of Scarface 1920 is already open, that is, the meeting point where backers tell us some important things such as where they want their Scarface 1920 game delivered. But it is not the only functionalities that backers will find in their Pledge Manager, where you can also:

  • Change the level of your pledge: if you backed to get to the Big Boss Pledge but now you want to do an All In Pledge, for example, the Pledge Manager offers you the possibility to change it.
  • Select the language: This is where you decide if you want your copy of Scarface 1920 in English, Spanish, Korean, French or German.That also applies to all add-ons that have text. At Redzen Games, we continue working to add new languages in the future.
  • Buy new Add-ons: Do you want to get hold of the neoprene mat or the Artbook? The Pledge Manager gives you the opportunity to add all the Add-ons that have been part of the campaign… and three new ones: extra set of vehicles, extra set of goods (prepainted) and The Enforcers Expansion Pack standalone.


Additionally, you may be asking yourself some important questions about shipping, languages, and other important issues. Below we try to answer some of them, although you can also use the Kickstarter comments or social media to solve them.

  • How do I access the Pledge Manager? Check your email. The one you use for Kickstarter backing. Our Backerkit colleagues have sent you an email to inform you of the next steps to access your Pledge Manager.
  • Are Kickstarter prices still the same in the Pledge Manager? Yes, the prices have not changed. Remember that, depending on the country where the shipment goes to, the buyer must assume the VAT payment. Everyone, in addition, must bear the costs associated with shipping.
  • Why am I not paying for shipping now? The current shipping price, due to global restrictions caused by the coronavirus, is through the roof. As the months go by, those prices should adjust, implying better costs for all backers. Therefore, the shipping will be charged just before shipping, next spring.
  • Do I keep my Kickstarter rewards? Yes, the rewards have not changed. For example, if you backed the game in the first 48 hours, the Paperboy will automatically be included in your order.
  • Can new backers join the campaign? Yes, the Late Pledge is going live now also, so if you have a friend who missed our campaign, he still has time to join. Tell him about it because it would be a shame if he were to miss his Kickstarter version of Scarface 1920…
  • Can I add other pledges to mine? Yes, other pledges can be added as Add-ons. For example, a backer could add two 99€ Mobsters Pledge and collect the associated rewards.

From Redzen Games we continue working so that the game is in your hands as soon as possible. Right now, we have a part of the team finishing the details of the Enforcers Expansion Pack rules, and we have already started production of the miniatures with our manufacturer: Eastar. Also, we are working on the graphic design of the solo mode cards and Antonio Stappaerts is working on the latest illustrations of Jobs for the game. Although you may not see it, the machinery has not stopped working since we finished the Kickstarter. By the way, take a look at the neoprene playmat!

In addition, of course, we will also solve all the doubts you have about this phase of the campaign, about the payment processes, about the Add-ons or about any other relevant issues. Remember that the Pledge Manager will last around two months. See you soon!


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