Scarface 1920 campaign is over: Thank you, you’re the best!

As we write these lines there are exactly 32 minutes left until the Kickstarter campaign for Scarface 1920 ends. As we write these lines, the counter continues to climb and skyrockets above 7300 backers, a figure that, to be honest, was not in any of our forecasts. Not even in the most optimistic one. And we knew that we had -that you are going to have- a great board game in hand. In fact, in the month that the campaign has lasted, our main goal has been to convince you that making an effort for Scarface 1920 was worth it. With more or less success, I think we have achieved that.

So if we look back, and forget some odd behind-the-scenes episode you wouldn’t believe -we have material to make a movie- all we have to say is thank you. Really, thank you very much. You’re the best!

From now on, we begin a new stage that is much calmer, but just as exciting. We guarantee that we will continue to put all our effort and all our energy so that you enjoy the journey until Scarface 1920 is in your hands. When that day comes, make sure to look in the rulebook because your name will be recorded there, just before the story begins. Your story. The one about the gangster who aspires to the throne of Chicago.





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